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Happy New Year 2020
Happy New Year to my fellow shepherds!!! This is Lynn Selby with an update from Sweetwater Babydolls of NC. After several decades of being a shepherd to my adorable Babydoll Sheep plus a Financial Advisor, I have retired. I sold my Advisory practice, sold my farm on the Pamlico River and have also downsized to a cabin in Floyd, Virginia. The weather in Virginia is more favorable for keeping sheep. I also wanted to find a younger shepherd that would share my philosophy in the breeding program and husbandry practices that would be close by in Virginia. This would enable me to still enjoy my sheep but without the day to day care. I envision being the "Grandma" at lambing time and still continue to love on them. I found a Babydoll breeder in Salem, Virginia who was also a DVM with her own 20 year practice and a beautiful farm outside of Roanoke. Perfect!!!
Please contact Maureen Noftsinger, DVM in the future regarding spring lambs and adults as available. Thank you and Happy Lambs to you!!!!
Dr. Maureen Noftsinger, DVM
8425 Bradshaw Road
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 588-1453

Newborn lambs on Easter Sunday

My name is Lynn Selby. After showing, breeding and loving Arabian horses for over 15 years, I spent time researching the different breeds of sheep as a possibility to add to my hobby farm here on the Pamlico River. I wanted something cute, docile and a little more fuzzy to compliment me as a new Grandma. I also wanted to do something worthwhile to satisfy my tremendous need to nurture animals. After getting a pony for the grandchildren, I decided to raise miniature sheep.

Why Babydolls?
I decided on Babydolls because they are really cute and fuzzy. Their look is truly unique... they smile at you, look like they have "knock knees" and their heads look too big for their bodies. Babydolls are smart and will come to you when they are called by their name. They have a calming effect on everyone around them, including people and other animals. Babydolls talk in tones that are easy to understand by humans. They speak low and sweetly to their unborn lambs just prior to birth. Like most other animals, they love getting treats and will beg for apples. But don't delay in getting their dinner because they will be sure to reprimand you! When a herd of Babydolls runs together with their collars and bells on, it sounds like Santa's sleigh... then everyone smiles!

Getting Started
I brought my very first pair of babydoll sheep home in the back of my brand new Suburban over fifteen years ago. My husband had a fit but I explained that they loved feeling the rear air and having Reba sing to them. He said that they didn't even look like normal sheep... at least any sheep that he had ever seen. I asked him, "What do they look like to you?" and his answer was "smiling teddy bears". Of course they looked like smiling teddy bears, they're Babydolls! Now he finds them just as contagious as I do.

God's creatures teach us all about love, loyalty, joy and friendship. The happiness, companionship and unconditional love they give so freely are just a plus!